Configuration Updates

Author: Bill Anderson <>
Published on: Oct 15 2014

Updates to Red Skull Binding Config

I’ve made some improvements to the ability to determine what IP/Port Red Skull listens on. By default it will glom on to all interfaces on port 8000. Now you can set the environment variable REDSKULL_BINDADDRESS to an IP:PORT string and it will bind to that pair. Alternatively you can us REDSKULL_PORT or REDSKULL_IP to set them individually. This is useful if, for example, you want to set just the port number but retain the “glom onto all interfaces” behavior.

Bind Directive Override

An additional improvement is the ability to specify the local sentinel’s bind address. This is primarily useful when you don’t have a bind IP.AD.DR.ESS directive in your sentinel config file.

There are a couple reasons you might use this instead of the bind directive. By default Sentinel will glom onto all IP addresses to bind to. If sentinel is given a bind directive it will listen only on that interface. This is generally what you want, but under certain circumstances you may want the default behavior. Red Skull will now let you specify that address in it’s environmental configuration to handle either case.

Configurable Template Directory

By default Red Skull expects the html directory, where it finds it’s templates, to be in the same directory as the binary. This isn’t always desirable. Now Red Skull will look to REDSKULL_TEMPLATEDIRECTORY for an alternate directory. NOTE: this must be the directory which contains the ‘html/’ directory, not the path including it.


These changes will make it easier to customize your deployment of Red Skull and integrate it into existing Sentinel configurations.